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Best Custom Roms For Realme Devices [Download List]

Best Custom Roms For Realme Devices – Today I will tell you through this writing (article) the easy way to flash Custom ROM on Android Phones. In this process, we will use TWRP Recovery (Custom Recovery). Before starting this process, I warn you that if your phone is Dead while flashing Custom Rom, then I will not have any responsibility. Here you will not be told any wrong procedure.

Download List

You can find the Custom ROM of your Android phone through these lists. The file in which Coming Soon/Stock Rom is written will be updated when its Rom arrives.

Realme Devices

Realme GT Master EditionProjectElixir [Android 13]
Realme GT Neo 3TStock Rom
Realme GT 2Stock Rom
Realme GT Neo 3(Coming Soon)
Realme 9 5GStock Rom
Realme 9 Pro PlusStock Rom
Realme C35Stock Rom
Realme Narzo 50Stock Rom

Custom Rom [Android 12.1]

Realme 9 ProStock Rom
Realme 5Project Elixir [Android 13]
Realme 5iProject Elixir [Android 13]
Realme 5sProject Elixir [Android 13]
Realme 3 ProCustom Rom
Realme 3Custom Rom [Android 12L]
Realme 3iCustom Rom [Android 12L]
Realme 2Custom Rom 
Realme C2Custom Rom [Android 12]
Realme XEvolution X 7.0 [Android 13] 
Realme Narzo 50AStock Rom
Realme Narzo 50iStock Rom
Realme C25YStock Rom
Realme 8iCustom Rom [Android 12.1]
Realme 8s 5GStock Rom
Realme C21YStock Rom
Realme C25sCustom rom [Android 12.1]
Realme Narzo 30 5GStock Rom
Realme X7 Max 5GProject Elixir 3.0 [Android 13]
Realme V11 5GCustom Rom (Coming Soon)
Realme V13 5GCustom Rom (Coming Soon)
Realme GT 5GStock Rom
Realme GT NeoCustom Rom (Coming Soon)
Realme Q3i 5GCustom Rom (Coming Soon)
Realme Q3 5GCustom Rom (Coming Soon)
Realme Q3 Pro 5GCustom Rom (Coming Soon)
Realme C20ACustom Rom (Coming Soon)
Realme C21Stock Rom
Realme C20Stock Rom
Realme C25Custom rom [Android 12.1]
Realme C21YStock Rom
Realme 8 Custom Rom
Realme 8 ProStock Rom
Realme 7 ProEvolution X 7.0 [Android 13]
Realme 7Custom Rom
Realme 7iStock Rom
Realme C15Custom Rom
Realme C12Custom Rom
Realme C3Custom Rom
Realme C11Custom Rom
Realme X7 5GCustom Rom [Android 12]
Realme X7 Pro 5GStock Rom
Realme X2 Custom Rom
Realme 6Custom Rom
Realme 6 ProCustom Rom
Realme 6iCustom Rom
Realme Narzo 30 ProStock Rom
Realme Narzo 30ACustom Rom [Android 12]
Realme Narzo 20 ProCustom Rom
Realme Narzo 20Custom Rom

Custom Rom [Android 12]

Realme Narzo 20ACustom Rom
Realme Narzo 10Custom Rom
Realme Narzo 10ACustom Rom
Realme 2 Pro
  1. Project Elixir 1.0 [Android 12]
Realme 5 Pro
  1. Cherish OS 3.0[Android 12]
  2. ArrowOS 13.0 [Android 13]
Realme 6
  1. Palladium OS 2.0[Android 12]
Realme 6i
  1. Palladium OS 2.0[Android 12]
Realme 6 Pro
  1. ArrowOS 12.0[Android 12]
  2. PRoject Elixir 3.0 [Android 13]
Realme C3
  1. Pixel Experience 12[Android 12]
  2. AOSP 13.0 [Android 13]
Realme X2 Pro
  1. LineageOS 19.0[Android 12]
Realme XT
  1. Project Elixir 1.0[Android 12]
  2. Evolution X 7.0 [Android 13]
Realme X3 SuperZoomProject Elixir 3.0 [Android 13]
Realme X3Project Elixir 3.0 [Android 13]


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