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[Download List] TWRP Recovery For Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco Devices

TWRP Recovery For Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco Devices – Today, through this article, I will show how to install the TWRP Recovery files on the Android Phone. Whatever process will be shown here, the simple language will be English. If your phone is dead while flashing the TWRP Recovery file then it will be your responsibility. Here you will not be told any wrong procedure.

Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco Devices TWRP Recovery file download links will be found below

 Redmi Devices

Redmi Note 11TTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 10T 5GTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 10 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 8TWRP Recovery
Redmi K40 GamingTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 10sTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 10TWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 9TTWRP Recovery
Redmi 9TTWRP Recovery
Redmi 9 PowerTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 9 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 9TWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 9STWRP Recovery
Redmi 9ATWRP Recovery
Redmi 9iTWRP Recovery
Redmi 9TWRP Recovery
Redmi 9CTWRP Recovery
Redmi 9 PrimeTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 8 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi 8A ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi 8A DualTWRP Recovery
Redmi 8TWRP Recovery
Redmi 8ATWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 7STWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 7TWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 7 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi 7ATWRP Recovery
Redmi 7TWRP Recovery
Redmi 6 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 6 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 6TWRP Recovery
Redmi 6TWRP Recovery
Redmi 6ATWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 5 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 5TWRP Recovery
Redmi 5TWRP Recovery
Redmi 5ATWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 8TTWRP Recovery
Redmi K40 Pro+TWRP Recovery
Redmi K40 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi K40TWRP Recovery
Redmi K30sTWRP Recovery
Redmi K30 UltraTWRP Recovery
Redmi K30 TWRP Recovery
Redmi K30iTWRP Recovery
Redmi K30 5G RacingTWRP Recovery
Redmi K30 Pro ZoomTWRP Recovery
Redmi K30 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi K20 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi K20 TWRP Recovery
Redmi 10X Pro TWRP Recovery
Redmi 10XTWRP Recovery
Redmi Y3TWRP Recovery
Redmi Y1TWRP Recovery
Redmi Y1 LiteTWRP Recovery
Redmi GoTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 11T ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi K40 Pro PlusTWRP Recovery
Redmi K40 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi 10CTWRP Recovery
Redmi 9a SportTWRP Recovery
Redmi 9i SportTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 10 LiteTWRP Recovery
Redmi 9 ActivTWRP Recovery
Redmi 10 PrimeTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 11 5GTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 11 ProTWRP Recovery
Redmi Note 11 Pro PlusTWRP Recovery
Redmi A1TWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Redmi K50i 5GTWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Redmi 11 Prime 5GTWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)


Xiaomi Mi Devices

Mi Pad 5 ProTWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Mi Pad 5 TWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Mi Mix 4TWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Mi 10sTWRP Recovery
Mi 11X ProTWRP Recovery
Mi 11XTWRP Recovery
Mi Mix FoldTWRP Recovery
Mi 11 UltraTWRP Recovery
Mi 11 ProTWRP Recovery
Mi 11iTWRP Recovery
Mi 11 Lite 5GTWRP Recovery
Mi 11 Lite TWRP Recovery
Mi 10i 5GTWRP Recovery
Mi 11TWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Mi 10T Pro 5GTWRP Recovery
Mi 10T 5GTWRP Recovery
Mi 10T lite 5GTWRP Recovery
Mi 10 UltraTWRP Recovery
Mi Note 10 LiteTWRP Recovery
Mi 10 Youth 5GTWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Mi 10TWRP Recovery
Mi Note 10 ProTWRP Recovery
Mi Note 10TWRP Recovery
Mi 9 ProTWRP Recovery
Mi 9T ProTWRP Recovery
Mi 9 TWRP Recovery
Mi 9TTWRP Recovery
Mi 9 LiteTWRP Recovery
Mi 8 ProTWRP Recovery
Mi 8 LiteTWRP Recovery
Mi 8TWRP Recovery
Mi 8 SETWRP Recovery
Mi CC9TWRP Recovery
Mi CC9eTWRP Recovery
Mi Mix 3TWRP Recovery
Mi CC9 ProTWRP Recovery
Mi A1TWRP Recovery
Mi A2TWRP Recovery
Mi A3TWRP Recovery
Mi Max 3TWRP Recovery
Black Shark 4 ProTWRP Recovery
Black Shark 4TWRP Recovery
Black Shark 3STWRP Recovery
Black Shark 3 ProTWRP Recovery
Black Shark 3TWRP Recovery
Black Shark 2 ProTWRP Recovery
Black Shark 2TWRP Recovery
Xiaomi 12TWRP Recovery
Xiaomi 12 ProTWRP Recovery
Mi 10 UltraTWRP Recovery
Xiaomi 12 LiteTWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)


Poco Devices

Poco F3 GTTWRP Recovery
Poco M3 Pro 5GTWRP Recovery
Poco M2TWRP Recovery
Poco X3 ProTWRP Recovery
Poco F3TWRP Recovery
Poco M3TWRP Recovery
Poco C3TWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Poco M2 ProTWRP Recovery (Coming Soon)
Poco X3TWRP Recovery
Poco F3 NFCTWRP Recovery
Poco X2TWRP Recovery
Poco F2 ProTWRP Recovery
Poco F1TWRP Recovery
Poco X4 GTTWRP Recovery
Poco F4 GTTWRP Recovery
Poco M4 Pro 5G(Coming Soon)
Poco M5(Coming Soon)


How to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Devices

Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Devices

  • Enable Developer Option in Xiaomi Devices

 [‘Settings‘> ‘About Phone‘> Click on ‘MIUI Version’ 5-6 times. After this, your phone developer option will be enabled.]

  • Now you have to enable OEM Unlock on your Xiaomi Devices.

[You have to scroll down by going to Settings> Additional settings> Developer options, after clicking on OEM unlocking, you will find the option of Cancel and Enable below and you have to click on Enable.]

  • Reboot your phone in Fastboot mode.

[Switch off your phone and after that press, the Power Button + Volume Down (-) simultaneously and your phone will reboot in Fastboot. If your phone does not reboot in Fastboot mode by this process then do Search Google.]

  • You have to install Xiaomi USB Driver on your computer.
  • Make sure in your computer that ADB Fastboot Drivers are installed on your computer.
  • Mi unlocks file also has to be installed on the computer.
  • After installing Mi Unlock, you have to connect your phone to the computer in Fastboot mode.
  • Mi unlocks app has to be opened and here you have to log in with your Mi Account.

mi bootloader unlock mi bootloader unlock


(Keep in mind that here you have to log in Mi Account of the same phone that you have to unlock the bootloader.)

  • After this, the Mi Unlock app will check whether your phone is eligible for Bootloader Unlock.
  • If you are eligible for Phone Bootloader Unlock then the message Phone connected will come.
  • Now you will have the option to Unlock it below. Click on Unlock.
  • After clicking unlock, click on Unlock anyway.
  • After this, the message Unlocked successfully will come on your Xiaomi Devices phone. Click on the Reboot Phone below. Now your phone’s bootloader has been unlocked.

mi bootloader unlock mi bootloader unlock mi bootloader unlock mi bootloader unlock

Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Devices

  • First of all, you have to download SDK Platform Tools and install them on your PC / Laptop.
  • Move the TWRP Recovery file of Xiaomi Devices to the SDK Platform Tools folder.
  • TWRP recovery file has to be renamed with the name twrp. img
  • Now you have to download SDK Platform Tools and install it on your PC / Laptop.
  • After this, you have to go to the Command Prompt from the SDK Platform Tools file.

You have to click the Shift Key + Right Mouse Button on the empty space in your computer’s SDK Platform Tools folder.

ADB Command

Above you have to type CMD in the location containing the file.

ADB Command

SDK Platform Tools

  • Now you have to connect your phone to the computer via USB cable in Fastboot Mode.

(Switch off your phone and after switching off, press the Volume UP + Power button simultaneously)

  • After this, you have to type the command on your PC / Laptop in this way.
1.Command :-Fastboot devices
2 .Command :- Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
3 .Command :- Fastboot boot recovery twrp.img
4 .Command :- Fastboot reboot

Now TWRP Recovery has been completely installed on your phone.

Thank you for taking the time to this website.


I hope that you have understood this process, if you have received any help from it, then share this hopeful process with your friends. If you have any questions, then comment below. Thank you!


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