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Download TWRP Recovery 3.5.2 For Realme 9 Pro

Download TWRP Recovery 3.5.2 For Realme 9 Pro – Today, through this article, I will show how to install the TWRP Recovery files in Realme 9 Pro. Whatever process will be shown here, the simple language will be English. If your phone is dead while flashing the TWRP Recovery file then it will be your responsibility. Here you will not be told any wrong procedure.

Advantages of TWRP Recovery Flash in Realme 9 Pro.

  • Can easily flash Custom Rom.
  • Root the Android device easily.
  • You can take a backup of Stock Rom on your phone.
  • You can Overclock your phone.

Disadvantages of TWRP Recovery Flash in Realme 9 Pro.

  • After flashing TWRP Recovery your phone’s Warranty will end.
  • If you make any mistake while flashing TWRP Recovery, then your phone can be bricked.
  • When you flash your phone’s TWRP Recovery, the OTA update will stop coming to your phone at the same time.
  • After flashing TWRP recovery all the data on your phone will be deleted.

Download TWRP Recovery 3.5.2 For Realme 9 Pro

Download TWRP Recovery 3.5.2 For Realme 9 Pro

This process is only for Realme 9 Pro. Do not try to call this process to someone else. Otherwise, your phone may be dead.

Pre-Requirement for Realme 9 Pro

  • You charge your phone more than 75%.
  • PC / Laptop will be required.
  • You have full Backup of your Mobile.
  • You Carry the Original USB cable of Realme 9 Pro.
  • SDK Platform-Tools Application for Computer.
  • Realme USB Drivers for Computer.
  • Realme 9 Pro TWRP Recovery File.
  • The bootloader of this phone should remain unlocked.

Download Require Files

TWRP RecoveryDownload Now
Require Files
  1. Realme USB Drivers
  2. Realme Unlock
  3. ADB & Fastboot Drivers

Step 1: Unlock Bootloader On Realme 9 Pro 

  • First, check the latest Software Update on your mobile.

(Settings → About → Software Update)

  • After this, you will have to enable the Developer Mode of your phone.

(After going to Settings-About Phone → Baseband & Kernel → Build Number, click on it 7-8 times. And after this, your Developer Mode will be enabled.)

  • Now you have to Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock of your phone.

(Settings → Additional setting → Developer Options → Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock.)

  • Download and install Realme Unlock Tool.
  • Then Open the Realme Unlock Tool app and click on Start Applying.
  • After clicking on Start Applying, the agreement has to be accepted, and click on Submit Application.
  • After clicking on Submit Application, your submitted application will check Realme Server. This process may take about 1 hour.
  • After some time you will get the message of Review Successful in the application.
  • After the review is successful, you have to click Start the in-depth test.

Realme Unlock toolRealme Unlock tool   Realme Unlock tool

  • After this, your phone will automatically reboot in Fastboot mode.

You have to do the further process on your PC / Laptop.

  • Now you have to install Realme USB Driver on your computer.
  • Make sure in your computer that ADB Fastboot Drivers are installed on your computer.
  • Now you have to download SDK Platform Tools and install it on your PC / Laptop.
  • After this, you have to go to the Command Prompt from the SDK Platform Tools file.

You have to click the Shift Key + Right Mouse Button on the empty space in your computer’s SDK Platform Tools folder.

ADB Command

Above you have to type CMD in the location containing the file.

ADB Command

SDK Platform Tools

  • After this, you have to connect your Realme 9 Pro to a PC / Laptop via a USB Cable.
  • Make sure that your phone stays in Fastboot mode.
  • After this, you have to type the Command in your PC / Laptop in this way

1 command:-

‘adb reboot bootloader’ (Enter)

2 command:- 

‘fastboot flashing unlock’ (Enter)
  • Now the bootloader of your Realme 9 Pro has been unlocked.
  • After this, you have to come to your phone and select Unlock The Bootloader with the help of the Volume Down button and press the Power button. After this, your phone will be rebooted.

Step 2: Flash TWRP Recovery on Realme 9 Pro

  • Now you have to download the TWRP Recovery file for Realme 9 Pro on your PC / Laptop.
  • Move this TWRP Recovery file to SDK Platform Tools.
  • TWRP recovery file has to be renamed with this name twrp.img
  • Now you have to go to Command Prompt on your computer.

You have to click the Shift Key + Right Mouse Button on the empty space in your computer’s SDK Platform Tools folder.

ADB Command

  • Then you have to boot your phone in Fastboot Mode.

(Switch off your phone and after switching off, press the Volume UP + Power button simultaneously)

  • After this, you have to connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.
1.Command:- adb reboot bootloader
2.Command:-fastboot devices 
3.Command:-fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
4.Command:- fastboot reboot
  • After this, TWRP Recovery Mode will be installed on your phone.


Thank you for taking the time to this website.

I hope that you have understood this process, if you have received any help from it, then share this hopeful process with your friends. If you have any questions, then comment below. Thank you!

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